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Ontario Self Defence Centre Self Protection Workshops and Seminars for the Public, Businesses, Community Centres & Schools

The Ontario Self Defence Centre is headed by Peter Anthony Boland and his wife Sylvia, who have been teaching personal safety programs, workshops and martial arts for over 10 years. The school program in Australia, was so engaging and effective it spread to 110 schools and over 7,000 students per year, over the past 5 years. The Ontario Self Defence Centre now offers various self protection programs directly to schools in the Durham Region and GTA.

We are proud to provide you with fantastic Instructors and professional personal safety programs and workshops which are offered to the public, businesses, schools and our community.

Self empowerment and self protection training is one of the most invigorating exercises any individual or group can undertake. This type of education is for everyone from every walk of life. There is no better gift or education than helping someone realize their true potential to become self reliant by developing real confidence.

Being healthy and being safe is our shared human responsibility.  An example of or basic workshop is below:

self defence workshop whitby

Our 101 program has a 60/40 split between unique physical and mental self defence training.

Anyone can do it! And everybody should. Contact us for information on our in house workshop dates or click on a link above for programs and workshops in your school, business or community centre.

Download our Corporate, School and Community Brochure for more information.  OSDC program brochure