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Training with Shibo Peter Boland at The Ontario Self Defence Centre has been a very rewarding experience. From the get go, Shibo Peter leads with the end result in mind; your personal growth. Shibo Peter’s unique understanding and ability to convey The Yi Quan System has enhanced and revolutionized my growth as a martial artist. If you want to jump to a higher level regardless of style, I would highly seek out the talents and skill set of Shibo Peter Boland.

— Darlene Anderson

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I am truly honored to be training and working along side Shibo Peter Boland an amazing motivator and mentor.

I am loving the journey at this unique school, its challenging, fun and exciting and every class Shibo Peter gives us the same high energy and enthusiasm… Being apart of this school I can definitely say my confidence, health and mind set has changed.

Overall, I am happy to be here and I highly recommend it to all.

— Natasha Ali

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Ontario Self Defence Centre in Whitby is a wonderful place for young minds and bodies to train. It is inspiring for older bodies as well. Shibo Pete and his instructors are very friendly and thorough in teaching an internal form of Kung Fu: that is developing confidence and patience and strength in all three of my children.

He inspires them to do better than they did the class before and it is the only thing they are not in competition for. Shibo Pete and his staff are confidence builders without the drill sergeant mentality. Thumbs up!


— Tracy McCrimmon

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Ontario Self Defence Centre and Shibo Pete are amazing! My son is 11 years old (who is high functioning Autistic and OCD) has been taking Kung Fu for a month and what a change! He spent the last two years being bullied at school, and just a month with Shibo Pete he is now walking with his head held high, talking to people and looking them directly in the eye and following his chore chart at home.

He will always be a shy boy, but I am more confident too in his ability to stand up for himself, he is taking more pride in himself. He is very sensitive to different foods, Shibo Pete has him WANTING to try more foods and for the first time EVER he ate two pieces of pepper without throwing up. Now, to some people this may seem very silly, but for a child who has struggled for years with food issues, this is a fantastic accomplishment all because “I can’t wait to tell Shibo I tried it”.

The Ontario Self Defence Centre is more than just learning about self defence, it is about a whole lifestyle transformation. I would whole heartedly recommend that any child (or adult) try training with Shibo Pete, my son has truly been transformed!

— Cathy-Jo Coffin

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After just having a baby I was looking for an alternative to the gym to assist in getting back into shape while having fun. Ontario Self Defence Centre has been not only a wonderful workout but a great change to practice an exceptional art form. Shibo Peter is an excellent instructor, patiently helping and guiding everyone on their journey in Yi Quan.

— Kate Scotland

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Love watching my 5 year old! He always looks forward to his next lesson…me too I like that they pay special attention to the little ones. Wonderful instructors!

— Eric Williams

This center is GREAT!!! helps kids and adults to boost there self steam, and keep them motivated. My 5 year old is a good example for this… Its been 4 months and he has changed a lot in a positive way. The Instructor and his helper are very knowledgeable and good with kids.

–Joan Raras Williams

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The Ontario Self Defence Centre is for anyone who is serious about their well being. I have been interested in the martial arts from a very young age and tried various things including wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, etc. I am an older student and had been looking for a school and martial arts system that is efficient, practical, and effective. I wanted to train on the things that matter and not waste time. I got just that, and so much more.

The instructor, Shibo Peter Boland, has a very effective way of teaching the powerful internal martial art that is Yi Quan kung fu. His enthusiasm is infectious and he speaks with knowledge and experience. His attitude about stress, internal strength, and one’s outlook on life has been refreshing and it challenges you to better your own perspective. I haven’t been this energized in a long time not to miss a class, and am enjoying it.

This Martial art teaches effective self-defence techniques right from the start but with the proper attitude that the kids can understand and enjoy. If you want improve yourself and to learn effective self-defence, I would recommend this school to anyone.

— Fabian Lopez

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I think I found what I was looking for for a long time. This dojo offers full time self defence training based on kung fu. Before signing up with the Ontario Self Defence Center I was gravitating towards Krav Maga. Now I’m happy that I found this place.
The environment is very friendly, relaxed and Shibo Peter is an excellent instructor. He trains my kids with passion and he teaches the right attitude towards conflict resolution. These skill will be very valuable not just for my kids but for everyone. All of my kids love the classes and they are upset that they can’t come every single day because of other activities.

The classes are very well structured. He trains body and mind. He gives all kinds of tools for defending ourselves against verbal or physical attacks. The whole family gets very good exercise all the time. I also need to mention that the pricing structure is very helpful for larger families. After signing up my three kids, my wife and me train for free. That is something we didn’t get anywhere else.

— Attila Kovacs

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As someone who has experimented with some different martial arts in the past, it’s great to find a martial art that focuses on actual self-defence rather than sport.

Shibo Peter Boland is a great mentor and instructor, when teaching new techniques he explains why and how it’s effective. His classes are also fun and challenging, with his personal understanding and ability to communicate the art of Yi Quan Kung Fu.

I truly enjoy learning in a fun, friendly, safe, and encouraging environment. Being a part of this great school has started me on my own journey of personal growth.
I greatly recommend it to everyone.

— Nicole Eysermans

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I am new to the Ontario Self Defense Centre. However, after only one month of training, I have lost 10lbs and gained a new confidence. More importantly, I am learning a discipline that has real world application. Shibo Peter Boland is highly knowledgeable and professional. Yi Quan is a practical discipline that I recommend to anyone wanting to benefit their mind and body.

–Matthew Calmes



I joined the Ontario Self Defence Centre in January 2014 with the goal of learning some new skills and getting in better shape. This school has completely blown away my expectations. It is owned and operated by Shibo Peter Boland. Shibo brings his own unique style of passion and pride to the art of Yi Quan Kung Fu. Over the past six months, with his help, I have lost 35lbs and more importantly, I have found a new life long passion.

Yi Quan Kung Fu is a martial art that combines discipline, self-improvement, physical fitness and real-world practicality. I have tried other martial arts such as Karate, but what truly sets this school apart from others is the very real and very practical skills you will take away from it. You will learn to keep yourself safe and defend yourself in real life situations. Yi Quan is not a sport, it is not a competition, it is a way of life. Believe me when I say that this way of life can change yours for the better.

I have already seen the great benefits of this school for all of it’s students both young and adult. For children, it teaches values such as humility, perseverance and the benefits of goal setting and self-improvement. I recommend this school to both adults looking to improve themselves and parents looking for inspiring role models for their kids.

–Matthew Calmes

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I have only just begun my training at the Centre under Shibo Peter, and already I can say I feel stronger, more conditioned and confident. I love how the Ontario Self Defence Centre separates the martial art aspect from the self-defence aspect. First you learn the self defence, survival skills and targets/intention, and then when you become competent you learn the cool, martial arts that you see flecks here and there of in the movies.

I am enjoying my training 100% and encourage anyone and everyone of all sizes to come out and train under Shibo Peter! Bring your kids, friends, family..! It truly is a lot of fun, and you get fit, strong, and know how to defend yourself all at once.


Already several months in to my training, I was hooked on the first class. Already several months in to my training, I was hooked on the first class. If you want to learn real, practical self defence, get healthy, boost confidence and become a better person all in one, then Yi Quan Kung Fu is for you. Shibo Peter Boland’s teaching style is efficient, clear and fun, making every class (even the rigorous workouts) a blast!

I am continuing to see changes in my physique, attitude and confidence while taking this martial art.
It’s great for all ages, and everyone in general!

–Eric Benns

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I have 30 years of experience in the martial arts, mostly in Filipino martial arts. Shibo Peter and I have been training together and exchanging knowledge. I’ve been learning Yi Quan from him and I can tell you that he possesses tremendous knowledge, skill and teaching ability! I highly recommend the Ontario Self Defence Centre. If you have the opportunity to check it out, please do.

–Guro Brian Johns


Shortly after the birth of our daughter my wife Kate decided she wanted to study Kung Fu as a fun way to lose her “baby weight.” After researching a few schools in the Durham region she decided to sign up with Ontario Self Defence Centre. She would come home from class drenched in sweat, eager to show me what she learned that night in class. My interest was sparked and I decided to try out a free session. Wow! I was immediately impressed with the effectiveness of Yi Quan Kung Fu (this is no flowery, form intensive martial art) and I was blown away by the quality of instruction. Shibo Peter is an incredibly talented martial artist as well as an amazing teacher and mentor. His teaching ability is second to none, his abilities as a martial artist are at the highest level and his passion for the art is infectious to say the least. I feel very lucky to have found a school like this here in Whitby and would highly recommend joining to anyone looking to study a no nonsense martial art and a more rewarding alternative to the gym.

–Jay Scotland


The center have given my daughter Dayna the strength and courage to be the best she can and shibo have taught her to be strong in what she does in life. The centre is a great place for kids to have fun and learn how to protect themselves in life.

–Gina Gittens

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This is a fantastic place. The Ontario Self Defence centre offers a clean, welcoming, suportive environment for all of it’s students to grow and learn. Since joining I have lost weight, sleep better and feel stronger. If you are looking to make a positive change in your life come out and meet Shibo and the students , and give it a try. It’s not easy but well worth it!

–Dave Brandreth

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I’ve been taking my daughter to the Ontario Self Defence Centre for almost six months now, and it has been a great experience. The skills taught by Shibo are practical and the environment is fun and friendly. I’d highly recommend the school and my daughter really enjoys attending.

–Eddy Williams

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Outstanding atmosphere, offers an intense workout with realistic self-defense training. Since joining have gained strength and confidence in both body and mind.

–Carol Thistle