Whitby Martial Arts Personal Training…..


 ‘Discipline is the bridge between your goals and your accomplishments’


The best way to increase strength & fitness, burn fat, and improve health is to undertake personal training sessions with experienced instructors who can design specific programs to help people reach their goals.

Personal Training at the OSDC & Whitby Martial Arts Academy isn’t your typical personal training experience. Along with knowledge of Nutrition, Strength, Endurance, Fat Loss, Flexibility and Great Mentoring our obvious expertise is in the Martial Arts, which allows for a wider variety of exercises and skill development.

No more lifting dead steel in the gym, no more running on treadmills and jogging endlessly for hours, train in martial arts, self defence and watch yourself achieve your health goals while becoming a skilled martial artist. Set goals on attaining skill levels in the martial arts or just work on your fitness while learning effective self-defence.

You’ll be having so much fun you won’t notice the time going by, but will really notice the fitness results you desire.




Martial Arts is fitness with a purpose. In the years to come do you want to be fit and healthy and a treadmill expert!? or do you want to be a stronger, fitter, healthier, safer you with awesome martial arts skills to go with it?

Train for Self- Protection, Self-Empowerment, Self-Reliance and real self-confidence while achieving your desired fitness level or body composition. Personal training is for those who want great mentoring, motivation and better results. Whether  it is general fitness you wish to achieve, fat loss or to become a black sash martial arts instructor…. We got you covered.



What will you achieve with personal training with the Whitby Martial Arts Academy and OSDC.


– Lots of fun & motivation

– Fat loss & weight reduction

– Improved muscle definition

– Improved body composition

– Increased stamina

– Increased strength

– Decreased stress

– Increased Flexibility

– Increased Coordination

– Real Self Defence Skills

– Real Confidence

– Improved Self Image

– Martial Arts Training


And much much more….

It is my mission as your personal martial arts trainer to ensure you get the results you want, through pro-active support, efficient instruction, motivation, education and, above all, fun and enjoyment. Almost everyone I meet wishes they had martial arts skills and a strong healthy body…


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Personal Martial Arts and Combat Training:

1 Person $120 per hour + HST.


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