Peter Anthony Boland


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Peter Anthony Boland is the Founder and Chief Instructor of the Ontario Self Defence Centre and Wu Xin Martial Arts Whitby. He has had an ongoing and consistently active involvement in martial arts and combative training for over 18 years. His mission is simple, to help our community. Through motivation and leading by example he believes he can inspire others to take the steps necessary to plan out and take action towards reaching their goals.


His desire is to help people realize their true potential and live a more prepared, healthy and confident life. At The Ontario Self Defence Centre the martial arts education is delivered through Wu Xin Martial Arts Whitby that enables an individual to grow and flourish into their own unique strengths and martial arts expression.


Although Peter has formal instructor rankings and titles in the martial arts he states that he is just a person. He believes the individual’s capability and their teaching ability is what makes the difference not their ranking. He quotes “the proof is in the pudding”.



A message from Peter:

“Martial arts are so vast and varied with different goals and philosophies, nowadays we have intelligent marketing systems, buzz words and promises on paper. Beginners are being taken advantage of due to their lack of understanding martial arts. Being a true martial artist has nothing to do with style, rank or special clubs. It is a lifestyle, it is you as a person, see the forest through the trees and make your own judgement. What matters is your own self improvement and protecting yourself and your loved ones when it counts. There is no script to violence therefore find a system and mentor that allows you to evolve, grow and reach your true potential. Certificates are paper, belts are material, what matters is you and your capabilities.”